Get personalised care from an expert audiologist in Launceston

Our company was founded by husband and wife team, Ian and Fiona Parsons. Ian and Fiona owned and operated Melbourne's Premier Audiology Clinic (Hearing Diagnostic Centre) for a number of years before having their second child and deciding to move back to Tasmania to be closer to family.  The Ear Clinic is a truly independent hearing clinic, which is a rarity on our industry. 

Ian has a strong background in electronics, physiology and psychology, which is the ultimate blend of skills in the world of audiology. We focus on a holistic approach to improving your hearing, rather than just selling hearing aids.

Any audiologist can sell you a high technology hearing aid, but Ian is rare in that his electronic background gives him a much deeper understanding of how hearing aids work.  We endeavour to get the best out of the hearing aid we select, and it is our belief that the ongoing care and relationship is the key to achieving this best outcome for you.


  • Hearing tests for adults
  • Hearing tests for children
  • Diagnostic hearing assessments
  • Hearing aid fittings and rehabilitation
  • Second opinions for hearing aid users
  • Repairs for all makes and models of hearing aids and devices
  • Improvements to hearing aids fitted by other providers
  • Hearing tests for children aged 3 and above
  • Second opinions for hearing assessments and hearing aid recommendations
  • Adjustments to hearing aids fitted by other providers


  • Hearing aids (all makes and models)
  • FM Systems
  • Musicians ear plugs
  • Industrial hearing protection
  • Ear plugs for sleeping
  • Sennheiser wireless headphones
  • Impressions for custom made ear phones


Ian Parsons

Ian Parsons

Ian graduated in 1999 with a Master's Degree in Audiology (First Class Honours) from Auckland University. Ian has a passion for working with clients to achieve their individual goals.

Ian's holistic approach treats the individual as a whole person, not just a case of hearing loss.

Fiona Gillies-Parsons

Fiona Gillies-Parsons

Office Manager
Fiona has been working in Audiology since 2002.

She has a friendly, welcoming disposition and a great depth of audiological knowledge.

Fiona runs the office and looks after all of the behind the scenes operations at the Ear Clinic.

Lynn Bartlett

Lynn Bartlett

Reception / Administration
Lynn has worked in Audiology since 2011.

She has extensive experience working for other allied health providers in both Launceston and Deloraine.

Lynn is extremely efficient and is the person to talk to if you want something organised!

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Member of: Audiological Society of Australia Inc.

Member of: Audiological Society of Australia Inc.